SOON is a non-profit organization working in the field of visual arts to promote young artists through exhibitions, publications and artistic projects.


As a young French curator, Alexandra Decraene tries, through the exhibitions, to speak with the least untrue words, the least unjust installations and subjects that torment our times: fragility, love and consumption. Self-taught in art, the restrictions of academies do not hinder her selections. In 2011, she founded « Paris je t’aime », an initiatory track in the Marais about different ways to love. Her last exhibition, « Fragile », was presented at Hotel de Gallifet in Aix-en-Provence and at Galerie Mazet in Paris from July to December 2012. Later, in September 2013, she introduced the return of the artistic event in the Marais « Passage / Pas sage ».

Gabriella Bianchini studied her Master Degree in Marketing and Business Management at ICHEC Business School in Brussels. After having graduated in 2012, she decided to work and travel for two years, which allowed her to discover many different horizons, in the travel sector but also in hospitality and events. She is now Project Manager with Quintessentially – world renowned concierge service. This has, over time, enabled her to develop various networks and partnerships, not only in the concierge industry, but in all sectors covered by the service.